An American in Bavaria is the first in a series of multi-media works entitled THIS IS US. It takes place on the monumental grounds of Schloss Salem, an historic castle site in Germany. The piece focuses on Harry Bär, a Berliner employed there.

The project begins with an interview between artist and subject. A musical video performance follows, featuring Harry singing one line of a song based on the interview. A video records the construction and release of a tableau that forms the defining portrait.

subjectHarry Bär
spritePaul Scrima von der Goltz
directorPatricia Thornley
curatorBernd Stieghorst
administratorCirsten Widenhorn
camera womanEve Sussman
camera manSimon Lee
written by Patricia Thornley
vocalsPatricia Thornley
violinDorle Ferber
mixRobert Cairns
chorusKate Christensen, Brendan Fitzgerald, Felicia Glidden, Christian von der Goltz, Bernard Klein, Max Sharam, Remy Trevisan, Alain Wozniak