Don’t Cry For Me, the second in a series of multi-media works entitled THIS IS US, looks at the lives of three Americans with working-class origins and careers in the performing and dramatic arts.

Each section of the project begins with documentary interviews, followed by an interim songwriting period. The subject then appears in a staged landscape with supporting characters, performing crewmembers, rough props and effects—video records the slow construction of a mythical portrait tracked to a song inspired by the interview.

The subject for the first section, Janie Geiser, filmmaker/theater artist, is interviewed in her Los Angeles studio trailer, and then featured in a performance in the landscape of the Santa Monica Mountains.

subject Janie Geiser
despondent musician Elizabeth Cairns
director Patricia Thornley
camera woman Katie Wincor
sound guy Robert Cairns
written by Patricia Thornley, produced by Austin Hughes
vocals Patricia Thornley
guitars Austin Hughes