Don’t Cry For Me, the second in a series of multi-media works entitled THIS IS US, looks at the lives of three Americans with working-class origins and careers in the performing and dramatic arts.

Each section of the project begins with documentary interviews, followed by an interim songwriting period. The subject then appears in a staged landscape with supporting characters, performing crewmembers, rough props and effects—video records the slow construction of a mythical portrait tracked to a song inspired by the interview.

The subject for the second section is Michael Buscemi actor/writer. He and his father are interviewed in their New York City homes, and then seen in a performance in the streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

subjectMichael Buscemi
fatherJohn Buscemi
directorPatricia Thornley
mirror guyPeter Mattei
cameramanPablo Tapia-Pia
written by Patricia Thornley, produced by Austin Hughes
vocalsPatricia Thornley/Austin Hughes
guitarsAustin Hughes/Patricia Thornley
harmonicaShaky Dave Pollock
pianoPeter Mattei
drumsKristin Mueller
bassAustin Hughes